Always seeking change
and taking the initiative to take on challenges

We are a comprehensive consulting firm that realises an organic collaboration and provides one-stop service where there is a connection.
We always seek change and take the initiative to grow while taking on challenges.
We will create the future and be the best partner to walk together with you, solve all the problems and that exist in the world, and contribute to providing society with special days.



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Cherish our connection and make your everyday special

SMASH Group will have 50th anniversary in 2028. We have always walked together with our clients by meeting (≒ Smash) the "connection" that has been nurtured as a corporate culture. On the other hand, in the future, everything will be connected to IT, the world will be overflowing with information, and the world will be filled with uncertainty. To solve all the problems that exist in the world and to provide the best service to our customers.
And those can only be achieved when our employees are at their best every day and work energetically.
We pledge to push forward further with SMASH Vision 2028.

SMASH Group Managing Director,
Dai Mori, CPA, CPTA and CFE

(Dai Mori’s profile)
2008 - 2022 PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata (PwC Japan - Tokyo)
2014 – 2016 PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC US – Chicago/Peoria)
2019 – 2021 PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC UK – London)
2022 - SMASH Group
MD C.P.A Office (HP: https://www.md-cpaoffice.jp/overview/ )


Delivering special days to all the places we have a relationship with

  • S


    One stop service

    By 2028, we will realise a comprehensive consulting firm that provides one stop service related to all range of back office fields through organic collaboration that makes full use of DX.

  • M


    Best partner

    By 2028, by confronting and solving all the problems that exist in the local community, the SMASH Group will be recognised as the best partner by all of our clients, and we will build sustainable relationship with society.

  • A


    Create future

    By 2028, in a society with diversifying risks and uncertainties, we will create not only past figures but also future figures, create the future, and realise a service system that walks into the future together with our clients.

  • S


    Make everyday special

    By 2028, the SMASH Group will rush to the north,south, east, west, domestic and overseas, and provide valuable services that ourclients feel every day special wherever there is a connection.

  • H


    Best place to work

    By 2028, each employee in SMASH Group will create a field that will be the best in Japan, and realise a company where employees feel that SMASH Group is the best place to work in Japan.


Name of Group SMASH Group(K.K SMASH HD)
Establishment 1978
Address Post code # 456-0002 9th Floor,
Denpagakuen Kanayama Daiichi building,1-7-5 Kanayama-cho, Atsuta-ku, Nagoyacity, Aichi prefecture, Japan group_mappin
Managing Director Group representative Dai Mori(CPA, CPTA, CFE)
Employees 95(as of 1st July 2023)
(Certified Public Tax Accountant : 15, Certified Public Accountant : 1, Real Estate Transaction Specialist : 6, Licensed Social Insurance : 2, Administrative Scrivener : 3, Certified Fraud Examiner : 1)
  • Taxes(Tax return for Corporate tax,Income tax, Consumption tax and Inheritance tax)
  • Human Resources(Payroll calculation and other labor support)
  • Administration/Registration Real Estate Management Advisory(Business planning, Management recovery support, Business succession support, subsidy support etc.)
  • BPO・DX support (Bookkeeping, System/RPA implementation, Business flow optimization)
  • M&A(M&A support、Financial Due Diligence)
  • Assurance/Financial Reporting Advisory(Financial statement audit, IFRS conversion, IPO advisory, Internal audit/Internal control advisory, Governance advisory, Accounting advisory, Out-bound/In-bound support etc.)


  • 1978

    Mori Accounting Office established at Chiryu city, Aichi, Japan

  • 2002

    Incorporated naming Tax Accountant Corporation SMASH Management

  • 2005

    K.K SBC (Consulting) established

  • 2006

    Nagoya office established (Nagoya city, Aichi, Japan)

  • 2012

    Okazaki office established (Okazaki city, Aichi, Japan)

  • 2021

    K.K. SMASH HD established(Nagoya City, Aichi, Japan)

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We cherish every encounter and continue to create relationships

We will continue to work hard every day so that we can continue to be the best advisor to our customers and be their most reliable resource.


  • Nagoya Office (Aichi prefecture)

    9th Floor, Denpagakuen Kanayama Daiichi building, 175 Kanayama cho Atsuta ku Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture, 456-0002, Japan

  • Chiryu office (Aichi prefecture)

    1-11, Nagata, Chiryu city, Aichi prefecture, 472-0035, Japan